Daily - Zertrin's linkshttps://shaarli.zertrin.org/Daily shared linksen-enhttps://shaarli.zertrin.org/ Zertrin's links - Tuesday 12 March 2024 https://shaarli.zertrin.org/?do=daily&day=20240312 https://shaarli.zertrin.org/?do=daily&day=20240312 Tue, 12 Mar 2024 00:00:00 +0800 Carto GRAOU Tue Mar 12 14:02:44 2024 - carte cartographie train interactive france map

Carte interactive ferroviaire France en temps réel.

Zertrin's links - Wednesday 7 February 2024 https://shaarli.zertrin.org/?do=daily&day=20240207 https://shaarli.zertrin.org/?do=daily&day=20240207 Wed, 07 Feb 2024 00:00:00 +0800 WizTree - The Fastest Disk Space Analyzer Wed Feb 7 02:04:49 2024 - filesystem software windows analysis free

Zertrin's links - Tuesday 30 January 2024 https://shaarli.zertrin.org/?do=daily&day=20240130 https://shaarli.zertrin.org/?do=daily&day=20240130 Tue, 30 Jan 2024 00:00:00 +0800 PairDrop | Transfer Files Cross-Platform. No Setup, No Signup. Tue Jan 30 18:12:17 2024 - file p2p transfer

Alternative to AirDrop that works on all platforms.

- File Sharing on your local network
    - Send images, documents or text via peer to peer connection to devices on the same local network.
- Internet Transfers
    - Join temporary public rooms to transfer files easily over the internet!
- Web-Application
    - As it is web based, it runs on all devices.

Zertrin's links - Friday 19 January 2024 https://shaarli.zertrin.org/?do=daily&day=20240119 https://shaarli.zertrin.org/?do=daily&day=20240119 Fri, 19 Jan 2024 00:00:00 +0800 WinPython Fri Jan 19 18:04:33 2024 - python portable install windows jupyter

WinPython is a free open-source portable distribution of the Python programming language for Windows 8/10 and scientific and educational usage.

It is a full-featured Python-based scientific environment:

    - Designed for scientists, data-scientists, and education (thanks to NumPy, SciPy, Sympy, Matplotlib, Pandas, pyqtgraph, etc.):
        - interactive data processing and visualization using Python with Spyder and Jupyter/IPython, Pyzo, IDLEX or IDLE
        - fully integrated Cython and Numba! See included example
        - connectors (cffi, odbc, rpy2, scilab2py, requests, ...) for advanced users
    - Portable:
        - Runs out of the box(*) on any Windows 8+ with 2GB Ram (Jupyter Notebook will require a recent browser)
        - The WinPython folder can be moved to any location (**) (local, network, USB drive) with most of the application settings
    - Flexible:
        - You can install as many WinPython distributions as you want on the same machine: each one is isolated and self-consistent
        - These installations can be of different versions of Python (3.7/3.8/3.9...)
    - Customizable:
        - The integrated WinPython Package Manager (WPPM) helps installing, uninstalling or upgrading Python packages
        - It's also possible to install or upgrade packages using pip from the WinPython command prompt
        - A configuration file allows you to set environment variables at runtime

WinPython is something different from other Python Distributions (see historic motivation and concept):

    - non-invasive: WinPython lives entirely in its own directory, without any OS installation
    - customizable: add your missing packages, zip the WinPython directory and give it to your students
    - do your own version: a winpython-creator kit is made available for you

Zertrin's links - Sunday 14 January 2024 https://shaarli.zertrin.org/?do=daily&day=20240114 https://shaarli.zertrin.org/?do=daily&day=20240114 Sun, 14 Jan 2024 00:00:00 +0800 SQLite, VACUUM, and auto_vacuum | Jim Nelson + Yorba Foundation archives Sun Jan 14 05:43:49 2024 - sql blog sqlite

Zertrin's links - Wednesday 6 December 2023 https://shaarli.zertrin.org/?do=daily&day=20231206 https://shaarli.zertrin.org/?do=daily&day=20231206 Wed, 06 Dec 2023 00:00:00 +0800 Android games - No-Bullshit Games Wed Dec 6 21:59:30 2023 - games android list free

Tired of crappy mobile games full of ads, or semi-good games that try to squeeze as much money as possible out of you in the form of in-app purchases?

Lucky for, you No-Bullshit Games is here to help you discover good, non-annoying, enjoyable games.

Zertrin's links - Tuesday 29 August 2023 https://shaarli.zertrin.org/?do=daily&day=20230829 https://shaarli.zertrin.org/?do=daily&day=20230829 Tue, 29 Aug 2023 00:00:00 +0800 Rewriting wipEout Tue Aug 29 12:27:47 2023 - games programming web blog

The source code for the classic PSX launch title wipEout was leaked in 2022. A few month ago I finally sat down to take a look at it. The result is a (nearly) complete rewrite that compiles to Windows, Linux, macOS and WASM.

Zertrin's links - Monday 28 August 2023 https://shaarli.zertrin.org/?do=daily&day=20230828 https://shaarli.zertrin.org/?do=daily&day=20230828 Mon, 28 Aug 2023 00:00:00 +0800 Home, Not So Sweet Home Mon Aug 28 11:10:45 2023 - linux windows programming

This post is a detailed discussion into user profiles, their directories, and how they are—to put it bluntly—in total disarray on Windows and Linux (I haven't used a Mac in ages, but I assume the situation is very similar there, too). Applications treat the user profile as a dumping ground, and any user with a reasonably wide list of installed software will find their user profile very difficult to traverse after some time in use. There are platform conventions and attempts to standardise things on more open-source platforms, but a lot of developers resolutely refuse to change the behaviour of their software for a variety of reasons (some less valid than others).

The first part is a deep dive into user profiles on Linux and Windows, and the conventions that have been established on these platforms over the years. The second section details how they are broken on each platform, and why they are broken.